Saasabi for Nonprofits

The analytics needs of the nonprofit fundraising world are relatively modest compared to other industries with greater data volume and complexity. Nonetheless, fundraising for nonprofits and charitable institutions can be made much more effective with enterprise-grade analytics and performance management solutions from Saasabi.

Identify emerging trends

Analyse direct marketing campaign performance over time, flag donor gifts that are out of the ordinary, identify appeals that trigger increased donation and more. With Saasabi powering your analytics suite, you can optimise your fundraising efforts.

Provide executive-level dashboards for management

Accurate, relevant performance indicators objectively demonstrate exactly how well your nonprofit is doing. Saasabi’s performance management solutions enable you to track real-time data against key indicators. So your management team can stay on top of trends as they develop and course correct as necessary to stay on track.

Become less reliant on your IT team

Nonprofits have to make the most of their donation dollars. Deploying a simple and easy-to-use analytics solution enables cost-conscious organisations to minimise expensive IT support.

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