Saasabi Pro is Saasabi’s flagship product.

It is a full-featured data analytics engine that enables sophisticated analysis in an enterprise setting without the need to configure and manage virtual machines. Delivered as software as a service, Saasabi Pro enables complex reporting, advanced insights and robust, scalable business intelligence applications.

Embed Saasabi Pro in your software stack

Saasabi Pro is an ideal solution to power analytics within your software solution. Embed Saasabi to give your software users the ability to perform their own queries against the data generated within your software as well as external data sets that can be pulled in for enhanced analytics. Our standards-based approach means partners can easily integrate Saasabi Pro and get up and running in a short timeframe.

Import and analyse data from any source

Whether you have cloud-based or on-premise systems, Saasabi Pro can ingest and aggregate data from an almost unlimited variety of sources. Build reports and dashboards that give your management team an executive overview of the entire enterprise, across all of your software systems and data sources.

Retain maximum flexibility

Use the Saasabi API toolkit to build a solution that is tailored exactly to your customers’ needs. Implement pre-or post-consolidation business rules, incorporate advanced algorithms, integrate with a variety of front-end interfaces and more. The Saasabi API toolkit exposes the full functionality of the fully extensible Saasabi engine and gives you the ability to build out the most powerful solutions for your customers.

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