Saasabi for System Integrators & Consultants

Whether you are helping a customer migrate an existing software stack to the cloud or you’re assisting with the development of an entirely new cloud-based application, Saasabi can help consultants and systems integrators deploy affordable, flexible, enterprise-grade reporting and analytics solutions.

Embed Saasabi Pro in your customers’ cloud-based software

Saasabi Pro is a powerful data analytics engine that is native to the cloud. You can quickly and easily plug Saasabi Pro into any cloud-based software solution as a back end that enables you to deliver sophisticated reporting functionality to your customers’ end users.

Empower non-IT users

Help your customers develop sophisticated reporting and analytics solutions that don’t require extensive IT support. With Saasabi, business analysts, line managers and C-level executives can get the information they need to make better business decisions without burdening the IT team.

Build passive annuity income streams

Saasabi solutions are delivered as software as a service. You can build proprietary IP into your Saasabi-based solution so that it delivers passive ongoing revenue to supplement your consulting project fees.

Offer your customers an enterprise-grade solution at an affordable price

Saasabi offers much of the same enterprise-grade functionality as OLAP engines from top tier software firms such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP – at a fraction of the cost. So you can build a robust, scalable and sophisticated reporting solution without blowing your client’s budget.

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