Until recently, sophisticated business intelligence and analytics solutions were out of reach for all but the largest organisations – those that could afford to invest in expensive hardware and software as well as the implementation and upkeep of these systems.

We at Saasabi took that as our challenge. Why should BI be accessible to so few? Why should analytics solutions cost millions of dollars and take months or even years to implement? Why should these tools require extensive IT support? The short answer is: they shouldn’t.

Saasabi’s goal is to reduce the complexity and cost of analytics solutions so that these tools are accessible to the broadest possible audience. 


Since 2008, we’ve been developing a cloud-based analytics engine that is built on Microsoft’s .NET framework.  It replicates the most popular functionality of Microsoft's Analysis Services and features broad extensibility so that our partners can easily add functionality and integrate the Saasabi engine with an unlimited variety of data sources and front-end reporting and visualisation tools.  The Saasabi OLAP engine has been optimised for peak performance in a cloud environment, and it is delivered via Microsoft Azure. So everything from hardware infrastructure to datacenter security is taken care of, leaving our partners free to focus on building the right solutions for their customers.

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