Saasabi solutions are all built on the Saasabi OLAP engine.

It is a powerful, scalable, multi-dimensional data analysis engine. Architected from the ground up for optimal performance in the cloud and delivery as software as a service, Saasabi offers an elastic and parallel architecture that enables true scaling in all directions.  Saasabi is flexible enough to be deployed in government, non-profit, enterprise or small business settings.


Aggregate large amounts of data from different sources

The Saasabi engine can quickly and easily import and aggregate lots of data – from a wide variety of sources. This means your organisation can build data models that enable business users to access and analyse the information they need to make better business decisions.

Pick the data visualisation tool that works for you

Saasabi’s engine integrates with the data visualisation tool of your choice. You can use Excel, Power BI, Tableau, OData or your own custom interface to view reports and dashboards powered by the Saasabi engine.

Work more efficiently      

Because the Saasabi engine aggregates and consolidates data from a variety of sources, you can perform ad-hoc queries across software systems. Mash up data from your ERP and your CRM systems. Or data from your accounting software and your HCM system. And because your data is pre-consolidated, queries run lightening fast. As much as 100 times faster than competing data analysis engines like Microsoft’s SQL Server Analysis Services.

Use your own security approach

Saasabi can authenticate against any third-party security provider, so you don’t have to implement a new authentication method – use the one that’s already in place in your organisation.

Pursue a custom analytics project

Have you struggled to find the right partner to develop your custom analytics project? Saasabi’s expertise and understanding of data analytics make us a strong partner to assist you with the development of your ideas. Talk to us about your requirements.

What is OLAP? OLAP is an acronym for online analytical processing. It is a technology that enables a user to quickly slice and dice structured data to analyse trends, perform complex calculations, and model data for advanced insights.

For more information on the Saasabi engine and our products or to explore a custom development project, contact us and we'll get back to you right away.