Saasabi Government

Saasabi Government offers government budget and performance management solutions that are built specifically for government users. Saasabi Government seamlessly unites data across systems and streamlines planning, management and reporting processes, saving you both time and money. 

Unite and structure your data for easier analysis and reporting

Automatically import data from the various software systems used across agencies as well as from separate data warehouses for unified reporting and analysis. Structure financial and performance data in hierarchies and reporting layers so that you can generate KPI dashboards, budget reconciliations or performance reports at any level – whole of government, single agency, groups of agencies or individual allotment codes.

Implement automated business rules to improve efficiency and ensure data quality

Valid, accurate data is the foundation of successful analysis and planning. Saasabi Government enables you to create business rules to automatically ensure that journal entries are valid, debits match to credits, incoming data is verified, variances that exceed certain threshold are flagged, and more.

Work with a system that was designed specifically for governments

Most budgeting and performance management solutions in the market today were designed for deployment in corporate settings, so governments end up having to adapt their processes to systems that were not created with them in mind. Significant time and cost savings result from the better match between government needs and a government-focused solution.

Save hundreds of hours by automating manual processes

Saasabi Government enables you to unite data across disconnected databases, integrate the data generated by separate software systems, and automatically track and route requests for funding. Eliminating hundreds – or even thousands – of hours of manual data entry and reconciliation means teams can focus on meaningful dialogue and negotiation rather than data entry and reconciliation.

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