Saasabi for ISVs

If you’re an independent software vendor (ISV), you want to focus on your core software – not on the analytics engine that powers the reports and dashboards you provide your customers. That’s where Saasabi comes in. We offer an enterprise-grade, cloud-based analytics engine so you can concentrate on your expertise and leave the behind-the-scenes analytics stuff to us.

Embed Saasabi Pro in your software

Saasabi Pro is a powerful cloud-based data analytics engine that you can quickly and easily plug into your software solution as a back end that enables you to deliver sophisticated reporting functionality to your customers.

Provide tools so your customers can query their own data

You need your development team to focus their energy on developing your core software rather than developing one-off reports for your customers. With Saasabi, you can provide both pre-packaged reports and ad-hoc query capabilities to your customers so they can analyse their own data from every angle – without burdening your development team with support requests.

Save time and money

Whether you’re trying to get an all-new software product or an important update out the door, the last thing you need is a long, drawn-out development cycle focused on the back end of your reporting functionality. Because Saasabi is standards-based and we provide a robust open API toolkit, you can rapidly integrate the Saasabi engine into your software, saving both time and money and speeding your time to market.

Contact us to learn about how Saasabi Pro’s cloud-based analytics engine can help your ISV deliver superior reporting and dashboarding functionality.