Saasabi for Franchisors

If you are a franchisor, you need reporting tools that enable you to analyse your business at every level – in aggregate, by region or at the individual franchise level. You want to be able to compare how different franchises are performing in comparison to their peers. And you’d like to implement your reporting functionality quickly and affordably, without engaging an army of consultants and spending millions of dollars. Saasabi offers the perfect solution.

Implement a solution that requires little to no ongoing IT support

Your franchisees are small business owners with many skills and lots of competing priorities. But they are time-constrained and often lack technical support teams. So you need to provide them with turnkey reporting solutions that don’t require IT support. Saasabi can be integrated into the systems with which they are already familiar and our solutions do not require end users to have technical expertise.

Provide benchmark data to your franchisees

Both franchisors and franchisees want to know how the performance of individual locations compares to their peers. Saasabi enables you to deliver secure reporting at an individual franchise level while also delivering anonymised, aggregate benchmark data so that franchisees can see where they outperform and where they lag.

Empower franchises to explore their own data

No one knows the business better than the person on the ground who is running it. With Saasabi, you can give franchisees the tools they need to create their own custom, ad-hoc reports. Empowering your franchisees to analyse their own business in depth means they can dig into the data to investigate new trends and figure out how to optimise performance without needing support from the central office

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