Saasabi for Government

Government personnel often work across many disconnected software systems and databases and end up doing a lot of manual data handling as a result. And government software solutions are often built using software originally created for corporate environments, forcing government agencies to alter their business processes to fit the solution instead of the other way around. These inefficiencies lead to extended project timelines and unnecessary costs. Saasabi delivers solutions that help governments plan, budget and measure performance more efficiently and effectively.

Use a tool designed specifically for government users

You don't need to compromise or redesign your business process around a software solution. Saasabi has developed solutions for budgeting and performance management with government processes and government users in mind.

Eliminate manual data handling

Today there are still many large government departments and agencies that are managing their budgets and measuring performance using Microsoft Excel and circulating data on CDs. With old manual processes like these, there’s no way to deliver up-to-the-minute analysis or reporting. Saasabi offers modern, cloud-based budgeting and performance management solutions that enable governments to leave inefficient manual processes behind.

Unburden the IT team

IT support is a precious and costly resource. And government budget and performance management solutions should not require hand-holding from technical experts. Use Saasabi to deploy powerful yet user-friendly solutions that government departments and agencies can use to run more efficiently.

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