Saasabi for Accountants

Whether your accounting firm has dozens, hundreds or thousands of clients, Saasabi has compelling analytics solutions that streamline your business and help you deliver better service.

Eliminate manual tasks

Your team may be spending hours each month gathering and analysing information manually that could be automatically imported and converted to customer-friendly reports and dashboards. Saasabi can help your firm eliminate manual processes and focus on higher-value consulting services.

Provide benchmark data to your clients

Organisations often want to know how they compare to their peers across various performance categories. Using Saasabi solutions, you can provide secure access to each of your clients to their own analytics while also providing anonymised, aggregated data to help your clients compare their performance to other, similar organisations.

Provide ad-hoc reporting that meets each client’s needs – without burdening your team

There is often a reporting gap in even the most popular accounting software packages that means critical reports, sometimes even government-mandated ones, are not available. And clients frequently request bespoke reports that aren’t included in an accounting system’s standard suite of reports. So it falls to your firm to produce these reports manually. Saasabi can help you fill these reporting gaps by aggregating your clients’ accounting data and making it available for ad-hoc queries.

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