Powering up Your Business Intelligence
with Saasabi for Power BI

SaaS solution unleashes the capabilities of Microsoft’s Power BI

Sydney, Australia – 13 November, 2014 – Saasabi, creator of powerful, yet easy-to-use cloud analytics solutions for Microsoft Azure, today announces the launch of Saasabi for Power BI, software that extends and enhances the capabilities of Microsoft’s self-service business intelligence offerings.

As part of Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite, Power BI enables business users to analyse and visualise their data within the context of tools they know and use every day, such as Microsoft Excel and SharePoint. Saasabi for Power BI uses Saasabi’s cloud-based analytics engine to deliver even greater value to Power BI users.

Saasabi for Power BI delivers:

Improved security – organisations can implement a full security model with granular user access control

Enhanced performance – all data resides in the cloud and processing takes place on cloud-based servers, rather than on users’ personal computers, for high-performance querying

Increased scalability – the Saasabi engine consolidates data so users can analyse data sets that are hundreds of times larger than Power BI’s current 250 MB limit

Improved usability – data from disparate sources can be cleaned and tagged before becoming part of the data model, making it easier for business users to locate the information they need

Superior data integrity – centralised control of the data model means that everyone is working with the most accurate and up-to-date information

David Merchant, who joined Saasabi in July of 2014 as Head of Global Sales and Operations, says, “With Power BI, Microsoft has delivered another game-changer that will make advanced analytics as universal as Microsoft Excel is today. Saasabi for Power BI unlocks the full functionality of Power BI, at a price that’s affordable for any organisation.”

Sarah Vaughan, Director, Developer Evangelism and Experience at Microsoft Australia, says, “We are excited by the release of Saasabi for Power BI because it will enable our partners and customers to accelerate their deployments of Power BI. Saasabi for Power BI provides a bridge to a much broader range of applications and data sources, enhancing our partners’ ability to solve customer challenges.”

Adds Iman Eftekhari, Principal Consultant at Agile BI, a Microsoft Gold Business Intelligence Partner, "Saasabi for Power BI takes Microsoft's Power BI to the next level. We are always working to deliver richer data analysis solutions to our customers. Saasabi for Power BI adds to our arsenal."

Saasabi for Power BI joins a growing suite of Saasabi solutions that empower organisations of any size to gain insights and competitive advantage from their data. Learn more at www.saasabi.com/powerbi.

About Saasabi
Saasabi delivers cloud-based analytics solutions that enable organisations to make better, data-driven decisions. Selected as one of Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus partners, Saasabi’s goal is to reduce the cost and complexity of BI solutions to make them accessible to the broadest possible audience. Saasabi’s solutions are deployed globally and delivered as software as a service for maximum flexibility. To learn more, follow @saasabi on Twitter or visit us at www.saasabi.com or on LinkedIn.