Saasabi for VSO delivers ad-hoc, native-to-the-cloud analytics for Visual Studio Online.

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Is your development team:

  • Missing the analytics capability that you had with Visual Studio on premise?
  • Frustrated by the canned reports in VSO and eager to create your own dashboards?
  • Managing multiple dev projects in VSO and looking for better cross-project analytics?
  • Eager to migrate from VMs to true cloud-based analytics for your VSO projects?

Saasabi for VSO gives your dev team the ability to create reports that are tailored to your organisation’s needs rather than relying on the standard reports that are supplied with VSO. Choose a single- or multi-tenanted instance of Saasabi for VSO, and set up authentication via any third-party provider. Execute your queries via Excel, Power BI, Reporting Services or any OData-enabled front-end tool.

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Saasabi for VSO gives project teams:

  • The ability to perform ad-hoc queries and reports rather than relying on the standard reports that are supplied with VSO
  • Reporting and analysis capabilities similar to that available in Visual Studio
  • Comprehensive reporting on every piece of data that VSO captures as well as additional calculated values, enabling greater insights on all aspects of a project

  • Simplified data governance and enhanced data security as all data resides on the Azure platform vs exporting data to an on-premise or alternative system
  • Ease of deployment. Saasabi for VSO will automatically connect to your VSO instance, once the appropriate connection details have been provided, and be ready for querying within minutes using familiar end-user tools such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI.
  • Affordable pricing

"Saasabi for VSO gives project stakeholders what they need – a tool that enables them to investigate, analyse and understand every aspect of their projects.”
-- Tatham Oddie, CIO at Readify, Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management Partner of the Year

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