User Guide: How to Connect Xero & SaasabiPro

Step 1

Open Microsoft Excel and select the Saasabi tab in the ribbon menu. 

Step 2

Using the “Connect to Saasabi” icon in the Saasabi menu, open the log-in pop-up window.

Step 3

Click on “Saasabi on Microsoft Azure”.

Step 4

Enter the email address that you have associated with your Saasabi account. 

Step 5

Sign in. The example below uses your Microsoft ID as the authentication method for Saasabi. [Note: Your Saasabi admin will determine which credentials you will use to sign in to Saasabi.]

Step 6

After clicking “Sign In” there will be another pop-up window asking you to grant permission for Saasabi to access your information. Click the “Yes” button to continue.

Step 7

In order to connect to a Xero datasource, click on the “Add New Model” button in the Instance Management section of the Saasabi Excel Console.

Step 8

An “Editing Model: New Model” pop-up window will appear giving you options to create, remove or modify datasources. Click on the “Create” button under the “Datasources” heading.

Step 9

A pop-up box will appear which will allow you to select a datasource type and enter the relevant credentials. Scroll down the list of options to find the Xero connector and click on the icon. Three fields will appear asking you to name your data, enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Enter a name for the datasource you are connecting to, and enter your Xero Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Once you have completed all three fields, click the OK button. This will connect Saasabi to your Xero account and give you the ability to analyse your Xero data using Saasabi.


If you have any questions about connecting SaasabiPro & Xero, email our support team at