Quick Start Guide: How to Manage Users and Security in SaasabiPro

SaasabiPro’s User Management functionality enables your Saasabi administrator to add and remove users and manage the security of your models. This functionality is accessed via the “User Management” button in the Saasabi ribbon. There are five steps for adding new users and setting up security for your cubes.


Step 1: Add Users

In order to add a new user, select the “Users” tab and click on the “Add New” button. A form will appear where you can enter the user’s name and other details.


Step 2: Create Roles

To add a new role, select the “Roles” tab and click on the “Add New” button, which will add a new line in the “Role Name” column. Name the role and switch the toggle in the “Enabled” column to make it an active role. For example, you might want to create a super user role that can access all models and a regional sales management user role that can only access specific models.


Step 3: Assign Users to Roles

This tab enables you to select a user and assign them to one or more specific role(s). Select the relevant user and check the tick box of the role(s) you would like to assign them.


Step 4: Associate Roles with Models

After assigning roles to users, you then associate the roles with specific models under the “Roles in Models” tab. To associate a role with a model, you click on the role on the left hand side and then select the check box of the model/s with which you would like to associate it. (Note that you will need to have a model built to have it appear in the right-hand window.) If a role has been granted access to a single model out of a dozen you are managing, then a user who is assigned that role will only be able to access that one model when they log in.


Step 5: Deploy Security Using Role Model Restriction

The last step in setting up security is to set role and model restrictions. We can either grant or deny access to elements within a model. This may be required if you want restrict access to certain data in a model. For example, within a sales organisation, you may want regional sales managers to have access only to the data associated with their region, but a national sales manager should have access to the data associated with each region as well as national sales data.

In the example below, we have selected the “Demo” role, the “Demo Cube” model and the dimension “State”. Here we have granted the “Demo” role access to the measures “NSW” and “QLD” and denied access to the measure “Total State”.

Note: Once you have explicitly granted or denied access to a specific member or measure, all other roles will be automatically denied access to that member or measure. If you want to grant a role access to these members or measures, you will need to select the role and the member or measure in question and select “Grant Access”.


Once the security changes have been made to a model, click on the “X” in the right hand corner and it will ask if you would like to save the changes. Click the yes button to confirm and save the changes.

If you have any questions about managing users and security using SaasabiPro, email our support team at support@saasabi.com.


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