Quick Start Guide: How to Install Saasabi

The SaasabiPro console is accessible via an Excel add-in. To install the add-in follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download the Saasabi Installer

Download the Saasabi installer from: http://addins.saasabi.com/excelconsole/setup.exe. Once the installer has downloaded, click on the setup.exe file which will run the installer and guide you through the installation process.


Step 2: Confirm Installation

Once the installation is complete, open a new workbook in Excel. Check that the Saasabi tab is shown in the top ribbon (as below). If the Saasabi tab is not visible, proceed as described in Steps 3 and 4 below.


Step 3: Activate Add-In (Part 1)

Click on File in the top ribbon and select Options. This will display the Excel Options window as below. Select the Add-Ins section from the menu on the left hand side, which displays a list of your Excel add-ins. At the bottom of the window is a Manage dropdown menu. Click on this dropdown menu, select COM Add-ins, and then click the “Go..” button.



Step 4: Activate Add-In (Part 2)

Once the COM Add-Ins window is displayed there will be a list of available add-ins like the one displayed below. If the Saasabi Excel add-in has been installed correctly, it will be listed here. In order to make the Saasabi add-in appear in the top ribbon of your Excel workbooks, tick the check box next to it and click the OK button. This will close the window and take you back to the workbook where the Saasabi Excel add-in will now be displayed.



If you have any questions about installing the Saasabi Excel add-in, email our support team at support@saasabi.com.


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