Quick Start Guide: How to Create and Manage Views in SaasabiPro

What is a “View”?

After building and running a query you can then save it as a “View”. A View is a pre-built query that can be shared with others. When the recipient opens a View, it automatically loads and runs the query delivering the latest output from that particular query.

Step 1: Save a New View

Once you have built a query, you may save a new View by clicking on the “Save as View” button in the “Views” section in the Saasabi ribbon. A pop-up window will appear asking you to name the View. Once you have entered a name, click “OK” and Saasabi will save this View.


Step 2: Access a Saved View

To open an existing View, click on the “Open a Saved View” button. A pop-up window will appear with all of your saved Views in it. Select the View you would like to load and click “Open Selected View”. This will open the View, load the query and run it. Once the query has run, the results will display within Excel.


Step 3: Export & Import Views

To export a View, you need to have the query loaded and run. Clicking on the “Export Views” button in the ribbon bar will save an .xml file to a location on your local machine. This .xml file can then be shared among others in the organisation who have access to the same instance and models. To import a View, click on the “Import Views” button in the ribbon and select the relevant .xml file. This will load the query and run it similar to opening a saved View.


If you have any questions about managing views using SaasabiPro, email our support team at support@saasabi.com.


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