Unleash the power of Power BI with Saasabi.

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Are your customers:

  • Working with larger data sets than Power BI will accommodate?

  • Struggling to integrate non-tabular data models into Power BI?

  • Concerned about security or data integrity?

Saasabi provides a back-end analytics engine that combines with Power BI to deliver an even more compelling data analysis solution. Saasabi for Power BI enables organisations to get the most from Power BI.

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Saasabi for Power BI gives your customers:

  • Improved data security via fine-grained, role-based security model
  • Centralized control for organization-wide data integrity
  • The ability to manipulate larger data sets
  • High performance processing in the cloud
  • Removal of tabular data model dependency

  • High availability and security standards via the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Affordable pricing

 Partner Benefits

  • Facilitate more widespread adoption of Power BI by your customers
  • Drive Microsoft Azure uptake
  • Generate ongoing revenue streams
  • Reduce project risk by improving data security & integrity

“We are excited by the release of Saasabi for Power BI because it will enable our partners and customers to accelerate their deployments of Power BI. Saasabi for Power BI provides a bridge to a much broader range of applications and data sources, enhancing our partners’ ability to solve customer challenges.”
Sarah Vaughan, Director, Developer Evangelism and Experience at Microsoft Australia 
"Saasabi for Power BI takes Microsoft's Power BI to the next level. We are always working to deliver richer data analysis solutions to our customers. Saasabi for Power BI adds to our arsenal."
- Iman Eftekhari, Principal Consultant at Agile BI

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